Adivasi Hair Oil

Radha Adivasi Neelambari Hair Oil is the purest form of hair oil made from 108 herbal ingredients, handpicked from deep forests in Karnataka by Hakki Pikki people. Our Adivasi herbal hair oil is manufactured through traditional Hakki Pikki practices and processing Techniques to produce a perfect blend of hair oil for all kinds of hair problems.

Radha Adivasi herbal hair oil is popular choice among People who suffer from early hair problems such as baldness, thinning, gray hair, dandruff, and hair loss.

100% Safe & No Side Effect


Aloe vera well-known plant
species for its medicinal properties over centuries. Rich in amino fatty acids
and vitamins that protect the scalp and thicken the hair root. The soothing gel
moisturizes the scalp and protects it from dehydration. Its anti-inflammatory
property stops the scalp from itching and accumulation of dandruff.


The powerful anti-oxidant
property of amla stimulates hair growth by increasing collagen levels and helps for better circulation of blood
into the scalp resulting in fast
and new hair root growth. Its rich source
of vitamins and phytonutrients strengthens the hair follicles due to breakage giving a smooth and silky texture to the hair.


One of the best lubricants for hair growth stimulates the circulation of blood into the scalp and follicles. Widely used for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory nature. Using coconut for hair can provide a wider range of benefits like moisturizing the hair, nourishing hair roots, preventing the accumulation of dirt, protecting from direct
sunlight, and promoting hair growth.


Onions are rich in sulfur an
essential supplement for stronger hair that regenerates hair growth. Sulfur helps to
promote collagen production in the hair, which might increase the volume of hair and stimulate new roots to grow in the bald region.
Its anti-microbial property helps to control itching and accumulation of
dandruff in the scalp.


A natural cleansing ingredient eliminates dirt and excess sebum from the
scalp. Smoothens the hair by releasing essential nutrients and oils that are
important for hair growth and fights against dandruff from hair and scalp.


Brahmi reduces the breakage of hair and controls hair fall, High in Vitamin C which strengthens hair
strands and helps to maintain soft and shiny hair in different environmental conditions. Regular use of Brahmi prevents premature greying of hair and also helps to maintain scalp temperature all the time.

Radha Neelambari Adivasi hair oil